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A newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate compared to an adult’s, so we need to be extra careful in taking care of it. The advice is to use just cotton balls and water as this is the purest form of cleansing you can have. Some parents however, prefer to use baby wipes. If you do, then I would recommend the WaterWipes Pure.

WaterWipes baby wipes

WaterWipes baby wipes

Made from just water and a drop of fruit extract, this is ideal for that delicate newborn skin. They are the one of the purest water wipes around. Most baby wipes we have tested are either scented or fragile, making them easy to rip and fall apart on wiping. The quality of the WaterWipes Pure is very durable and so far we have not ripped one yet. It has a nice soft feel to the material and it picks up most of your baby’s mess.

We did notice two issues with a new set of wipes. When peeling back the resealable sticky, it can cause the packaging to split. This will leave a big gap in the packaging making the wipes dry out quicker. The solution we had for this, was to put the pack inside a big resealable sandwich bag and bringing it out every use, which can be a pain and fiddly. We noticed that when you open a fresh pack, the wipes at the top are dryer as gravity has put all the moisture to the bottom set of wipes. To fix this, we just simply put the wipes upside down when not in use and the moisture of the top set of wipes return.

The WaterWipes are much more expensive than your normal baby wipes, such as pampers or local supermarket brands. We usually buy these in bulk boxes when we see these on offer.

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