My Thoughts On The Ten Dummy Trick

The idea of the idea is to place ten dummies on the bed within reaching distance above your child. This will ensure that your child will be able to find the dummies quickly and  easily without disturbing sleepy parents.

Is this really a good idea?

As a parent myself, I understand the “hack” that is described and how it makes life easier, which is a good idea for some parents. However, personally I believe there are no hacks with parenting. It only takes me a few seconds to go round to find and put a dummy in the child’s mouth and back to sleep I go. As most of you agree, everyday is a new challenge with children and you have to face the challenge head on.

Most of the time, the child just need a sense of comfort and reassurance you are around. They could be teething, uncomfortable or even be hungry, in which case you will have to wake up and go round anyway to assess the situation. With ten dummies always in the cot bed, the child will eventually be heavily reliant on constantly having a dummy. We used to have two dummies in the cot bed and this caused problems for us as our little one would like to hold one and suck on the other. Eventually you will have to do what we did and wean them off so many dummies in the cot at once. With ten dummies, this would require more effort and maybe go down the cold turkey route and take them all away.

Our scenario

We tuck our little one to sleep each night, sometimes with or without a dummy depending on how tired she is. We leave a spare dummy on top of the tallboy, out of reach and out of sight. If she cries in the middle of the night, we just go round to her room, locate the dummy (if you cannot locate the dummy, use the spare) and give it to her. There are some occasions where the dummy accidentally falls to the floor, or she purposely throws it out the cot. In the mornings, if you used ten dummies for that night, you’ll be picking up dummies that can be scattered everywhere and making sure you have all ten. This would require extra effort than just locating the original dummy itself.


I always believe, do what works for you. You could use one dummy, you could use twenty dummies. The idea is great for some parents, you don’t need to get out of your nice toasty bed. As a hands on parent, I would just stick to minimal dummies and go round to comfort my child. It can sometimes take a few more minutes than normal, but the patience is there.

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