Sophie La Girafe Teether – Review

Sophie the Giraffe (Sophie La Girafe) is a must have teether for any baby going through the tough teething phase. We have read many reviews and this was very highly recommended by a lot of different people. At an average of around £15 for the teether itself, it is the ideal teether and toy for your little one.

Sophie the Giraffe stimulates your child’s five senses:

  • Hearing – There is a squeaker inside the Giraffe to help stimulate the baby’s hearing
  • Feeling – Made from 100% natural rubber, giving that extra soft grip to hold on to
  • Seeing – Dark spots and different patterns help simulate visualisation
  • Tasting – Made from food grade paint and great for teething babies to chew on
  • Smelling – There is a distinct smell similar to vanilla, and the site says the rubber is from the Hervea Tree

The good thing about Sophie the Giraffe is how popular it is. Everywhere we go we see a child holding the toy. It is 100% organic from cotton, corn fibre and natural rubber. The design is hand painted with non-toxic food paint meaning your little one can slobber and chew every part of Sophie to ease with the teething. Overall size of the Giraffe has a height of 17cm, there are four legs making it easy for your child to grab the toy. The legs are bent too allowing the knee joints easily fit into the mouth of your child to chew on.

It is advised to avoid wetting the hole in the middle of the body as this could cause blockage of the squeaker and allow damp to get in. It could possibly become mouldy in the long run. We simply wipe down Sophie the Giraffe with a cloth and clean water, ensuring nothing goes in the hole or covers the hole allowing air to breath in.

Overall, if your child is able to grab objects and is more aware of their surroundings, this is an ideal purchase. It will help enhance their senses and ability to interact with you more.

Can be purchased below:

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