Pronto Changing Mat Station – Skip Hop – Product Review

As we go out and about quite often, we could never trust how clean a baby changing environment is in public places. With this in mind, we decided the purchase the Pronto Changing Mat by Skip Hop

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Mat

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Mat

From first thoughts, this is ideal for any situation away from home. Some countries do not have baby changing easily accessible, so you have no choice but to improvise. We found that using the mat made baby changing very easy, whether it is in the car, in the push chair or even on a chair. Carrying the changing mat has never been easier, whether it is holding the foldable mat or simply strapping it to your wrist. It fits easily in your backpacks, nicely in the Skiphop Forma Backpack we have. We sometimes even strap it to one of the outer hooks if the backpack is too full or even onto the pram.

The mat comes with a case for your baby wipes and this goes into the zip at the front. You cannot put a whole pack of wipes in this, as this is just for a handful of wipes. We usually put about 20-40 Clear Water Wipes in the case, or sometimes just don’t use the case and put the whole pack of wipes in the front zipped compartment. The mat folds out and has a wide surface area covering most of the baby changing tables giving you and your child plenty of space to change them. Inside there is a meshed compartment and a zipped compartment. With the meshed compartment we just fit a few nappies in here, 6-8 crammed at most. For the zipped compartment we usually put extras such as talc, cream and a few disposable waste bags. If you want to separate the compartments or use the mat as a standalone, there is a detachable zip for your personal preference.

Once finished, the mat is very easy to fold and packs away with one skilled hand. The inside is waterproof so you can wipe down or clean any spillages with ease. From our point of view, this is a recommended product to have for any situation and has saved us on numerous occasions. For the price we bought this at, I would say it is worth the investment, and even more worth it if you plan on having more than one child.

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