Pregnancy – Round 2!

Yep! I am pregnant again for the second time. 🙂 I am currently 36 weeks pregnant, less than 1 month left to go. Exciting times!!! This pregnancy was planned but is a surprise because my husband and I didn’t expect to hit jackpot straight after I came off the pill. I found out I was pregnant as soon as I missed my period which was about 4 weeks pregnant.

We didn’t want to keep our hopes up too high from past experience until we had our first scan and obviously things were fine as baby is almost at full term 🤞🏻! I must say no two pregnancies are the same. I experienced more severe morning sickness and nauseousness this time round. With regards to tiredness, I can’t really compare because I have the little munchkin to look after as well so clearly I will be more physically tired with this second pregnancy. I have to synchronise my naps with her naps so that I can get some decent rests.

As the pregnancy progresses, I started to experience more lower back pain and nerve pain down my lower half of the body. I did mention that to my midwife and she said I will be more sensitive to the pregnancy hormones this time and there isn’t much I can do about it and she could refer me to physiotherapy if needs be. Cramps are something I didn’t have with my first pregnancy but I have now, usually down my calfs when I tried to stretch. Cravings are different this time as well, I craved for savoury and spicy food this time and sweets for last time. Bump shape and size aren’t the same with both pregnancies, not sure if it’s gender related or not. I feel like my bump/baby is bigger this time but my husband seems to think it’s smaller. Well we shall see how heavy baby 2 will be when he is born. Last but not least, heartburn and indigestion on a daily basis, I have lost count on how many packs of gaviscon I have had so far. The double action ones work the best 👌🏻 for me.

This being the second pregnancy, I have not been as cautious as the first one. I still haven’t eaten anything that I am not supposed to eat like raw fish, soft cheeses etc. What I meant is that with regards to lifting and walking around (day to day routine) I feel more confident as I know my body limit. As this is my second pregnancy, I am more clued up on what I need to buy and prepare. I have kept a lot of items from when I had Annabeth i.e. Moses basket, breast pumps, clothes and breast pads etc. I haven’t bought a lot of newborn stuff, a lot of my daughter’s 0-3 months clothing was fairly gender neutral. I only bought a few baby blue items so he has something new to wear.

Even though I am experiencing more pains and discomfort with this pregnancy, it is enjoyable. I cannot wait to meet this little guy and seeing how my daughter will react and interact with him. Hopefully giving birth will be as smooth as the first time!

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