Lulworth Tallboy – Mothercare – Review

Having purchased the Mothercare Lulworth Changing Unit, we noticed that there was never enough space to store all our newborn baby clothes from the ones we purchased and were gifted. We eventually decided to buy the Mothercare Lulworth Tallboy, as this was 50% off during the purchase and was a good deal. If you are in no hurry it may be wise to wait for Mothercare’s Black Friday deal in November.

With a 5 year product guarantee, it helped give us greater confidence with the purchase. The 5 deep drawers for your storage has been ideal in storing our cloths and bibs. The tall, thin design has helped add the extra storage space for our baby gear in the small bedroom. It is not bulky and obtrusive as with other cupboards and furniture we could have purchased.

When building the Tallboy, it is advisable to use the padded cardboard the furniture was delivered in as a base on the floor to build on. This will help for those who have laminate flooring to avoid any scratches.

If you have built any other Lulworth furniture the Tallboy should be a breeze. You build the sides first and then piece together the whole outer frame. Just be careful not to mix up the 4 leg corners as this helps distinguish the front and the back of the furniture. The instructions of building the drawers are the same as the changing unit and all the holes are there for you.


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