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We purchased the Mothercare Lulworth Changing Unit first, then decided to stick to the same theme with the Lulworth Tallboy and then the addition of the Mothercare Lulworth Cot Bed. We are so happy with the design, ease of build and conversion of this bed, we have actually purchased two (both at frequent places we will have the baby).

Lulworth Set

Lulworth Set

There are plenty of good reviews and the bonus of this cot bed, is how it converts into a bed that will last till recommended age of 4. Some have said this should last till 5 years old. You can adjust the height of the base of the bed in three different positions, based on how fast your newborn grows ensuring they are unable to adventure out or fall over the top. Once built, the bed is quite high and very sturdy making it easy to rest your hands on. The dimensions at 75 x 148 x 94cm.

The Lulworth Cot Bed comes in 2 heavy boxes, so it is advisable to build this unit with 2-3 people. Get a group of guys around on a football day and a few beers would be my advice. Once you build out the 4 sides it is actually very easy to assemble, one of the reasons why we chose to buy the same bed for the second cot bed. Having built out the other Lulworth furniture pieces, this was made to be a breeze.

With both sides of the cot bed you will need to insert a circular metal lock. This lock will allow the screws in the head and foot lock with the sides. It is a very tight fit and with most flat pack instructions there is little detail on how this actually stays in. We eventually used a hammer to lightly tap the metal locks into place.

On our last step, we were actually sent one of the wrong screws which puts the cot bed base into place. Instead of two of each side, we ended up with one and three. We did call MotherCare and Customer services swiftly sent a new set for us.


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