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The MotherCare Lulworth changing unit, one of the first baby furniture I built based off the quality and design. Firstly, I would like to praise the great service we had at Mothercare in choosing and ordering the Lulworth changing unit. We originally purchased this at £240 with another discount on top due to a special event, making the offer much more appealing.

Before we go into any detail, I would advise you ask a friend to help you build the unit to save time and effort. When delivered, there were two heavy boxes weighing at 45kg total made it difficult to carry and assemble on my own. The changing unit comes in two different colours, Classic White and White Pepper. We opted for the Classic White as this gave us more opportunities to match other furniture such as the cot and other cabinets.

Lulworth Changing Unit Guide

Lulworth Changing Unit Guide

Firstly, check the instruction booklet and make sure you have all the items, you will notice how brief they are based on a few pages. If you have laminate flooring like we do, then use the padded cardboard as a base to avoid scratching your floors. Then make sure you double check each item as some had chips and scratches which you can tell forcefully covered up with some form of paint. I have read some sources that Mothercare will replace that part for you, however I did not want to waste any more time since it was on the inside of the base frame.

The instruction booklet does not have many words or guidelines in text. There are only images and arrows based on which direction to screw, which makes it difficult to understand the more detailed sections. When building the changing unit, I would split out the two sets of screw fasteners as there are one set for the drawers and one set for the main frame. They are distinguishable with the slight overlap on the metal and slightly thicker.

The great thing about building flatpack furniture means there are guidelines and holes for you to insert all the pieces to. There are only a few pieces you will need to make your own holes for and these would be screwing down the metal rollers alongside the drawers. Final note on building the changing unit is to make sure you nail down the backboard. This will make the unit sturdy and not rock from side to side.

Overall a good product to have to store your baby clothes and products in. Attach the plastic under each corner leg to avoid scratching the floor when moving and when the baby has grown up, you can remove the changing part.

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