Gro Egg Digital Room Thermometer – Review

I am sure being a parent you will have worried about your baby’s temperature at some point, whether he or she is too hot or too cold as babies cannot regulate their own body temperature.  As an adult, we know when to put on or take off layers of clothing but our babies depend on us to keep them in warm/cool.  Gro egg digital room thermometer is one of the best products I have purchased. It is a digital thermometer with colour indicators as a reminder to either heat or cool the room or change the baby’s clothing.  It helps to maintain a safe sleeping environment and works as a night light.

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These are the features of the Gro egg digital room thermometer:

  • digital thermometer with permanent back lit LCD readout
  • gentle night light
  • instructions and safe sleep information enclosed
  • conforms to highest applicable British and European Standards
  • UK Mains only powered adaptor supplied

The recommended guidelines for the ideal room temperature is within 16 – 20°C to help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (a.k.a cot death).  At this temperature you may find very cold, especially in Winter and this is actually ideal for your newborn. The Gro egg will display 4 different colours depending on the temperature of the room; blue indicates too cold with a temperature of under 16°C; yellow indicates the recommended temperature which is between 16 – 20°C; orange indicates warm with a temperature between 21 – 24°C; red indicates too warm with a temperature over 25°C.

I would definitely recommend buying a Gro egg, it is really useful and handy when it comes to knowing if the room is too warm or too hot.  I love the different colour indications it allows you to know whether your room is at the ideal temperature at a glance.  This was one of things I have packed for my holiday, I was really happy that I did with the temperature being so warm in Hong Kong and it did not take a lot of luggage space.  Gro egg digital room thermometer is definitely a must for your house and your holiday.

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