Closer to Nature Essentials Kit – Tommee Tippee – Feeding Review

Finding the right equipment for your feeding needs can be difficult, especially with all the brands, the budget, the different types of equipment and storage capacity you will have in your kitchen. Tommee Tippee has taken away a few of these worries away with the Closer to Nature Essentials Kit.

With a choice of colours, Black, Red and White (all varying in prices and so far red I can find at Toy’s R Us and Amazon), it is now easier to match all your other kitchenware and utensils. The set comes with the following:

  • Electric Steamer Steriliser
  • Electric Bottle Warmer
  • Insulated Bottle Bags x 2
  • 150ml Feeding Bottles with Slow Flow teats x 4
  • 260ml Feeding Bottles with Slow Flow teats x 4
  • Bottle and Teat Brush
  • Milk Powder Dispensers x 6
  • Medium Flow Teats x 2
  • Soother(0-6months)
  • Teat Tongs

We decided to buy the black set, this made it easier to match our dark kitchen surfaces and black tiled flooring. The Tommee Tippee steriliser takes most of the worktop space making it very difficult to manoeuvre other appliances. We placed ours next to the sink, so we are able to wash out the bottles and easily place them directly into the steriliser.

The steriliser in itself is very easy to setup, you pour in 80ml~ of water, add your equipment in and set it going. Be sure to add your teat tongs in too as this will need to be sterilised when touching any part of the bottle that has contact with your baby’s mouth. This will kill 99.9% of germs and last up to 24hours with the lid still closed. Once the lid is open, you can flip the lid to use as a sterile work surface. There are two levels with this steriliser, giving you that extra space to sterilise more equipment at once. It can hold up to 6 larger 260ml bottles on the bottom level, with the 6 teats and cap on the top level. If you position the equipment nicely you may be able to add in your pacifiers and breast pumping parts too.

The Closer to Nature range’s benefits is the interchangeable equipment. All the bottles and teats will go with majority of Tommee Tippee equipments such as the Breast Pump, Steriliser, Bottle Warmer and various sized bottles ensuring your newborn has a the equipment for feeding. There are actually a variety of teats you can buy based on the flow and age of your newborn and these can be purchased separately.

Having a bottle and food warmer can always be helpful. Avoid using the microwave at all times as you may have uneven heat spots causing burning to your newborn. The warmer will heat the bottles and will only take a few minutes to make the bottle warm to hot. It is very simple to set up and all you need to do is add water and turn the dial to your desired heat. One downside to this, is that you may forget to turn the dial down or off and this has happened to us many times. All the warmer will do is evaporate the water that is inside and stay heated. It really needs a safety function that turns off the warmer when its been on over a certain period of time.

Sale Prices as of December 7th 2016 – black (Keep in mind MotherCare do 10% off vouchers and deals frequently):

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