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I have been searching for a hot yoga studio in Leeds for a while and Bikram Yoga Leeds has came up on the search engine.  I have stopped practicing yoga (hot and ashtanga) around 3 years ago with all the wedding planning, new job and being pregnant.  Now it is a good opportunity for me to start again and to lose all the baby weight. 

Bikram yoga is hot yoga derived from hatha yoga techniques, ideally practiced in a room with a temperature ranging from 35-40°C  and with a humidity of 40%.  It is a challenging and intense yet gentle form of yoga, consisting of a set series of 26 postures with two breathing exercises, one at the beginning and one at the end.  The heat promotes the relaxation of the muscles and ligaments, allowing deeper stretches and a more effective full body workout.

I have signed up for the £30 for 30 days intro package to try it out first.  Upon arrival, I filled out a questionnaire, staff is friendly and helpful.  Bikram Yoga Leeds offers a range of amenities (see photos below, was unable to take a photo of the yoga room as mobile is not allowed in the yoga room), such as:

  • Toilets and shower facilities
  • Make-up mirrors and hair dryers
  • A chill-out space to connect with your fellow yogis
  • Complimentary tea before and after class
  • Complimentary fresh filtered drinking water
  • Yoga mat and towel rentals for your convenience
  • A boutique selling clothing, mats, water bottles and other yoga-related items

There is a list of yoga etiquette you need to follow praticing at Bikram Yoga Leeds, full details can be found on their website.  The first lesson I have signed up for was the 90 minutes Bikram beginner class.  The yoga room is cleaned, bright and spacious, allowing you to relax before and after the class.  You’re allowed to sit down and catch your breath if the heat is too much for you then rejoin when you feel ready. I really enjoyed it and have sweated A LOT! (P.s. I don’t sweat easily).  After the class, I could feel that my skin is cleaner, more refreshed and my whole body was loosen up.

It is good that there is a shower in the studio, I would advice to go for a shower after the class because of all the sweat you would produced.  One down side of the studio is that there is no locker available for you to lock your personal items away but the studio is locked once all students have arrived and the class has started.  Do remember to drink plenty of water after the class to replenish the fluid loss.  Also, do ask them for discounted ticket for car parking at NCP The Core Leeds. I would recommend going to Bikram Yoga Leeds if you want a good sweat and not too strenuous workout.  🙂

For more information, do visit their website ->

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